Recently, someone popped into my DMs saying that they were pulling an oracle card for people they were drawn to, and offered to do so for me.

I had to politely decline. My intuition work teaches you that you do not need anything external, NOTHING outside of yourself because you are pure unlimited consciousness having a human experience.

Saying yes would be incongruent.

It might be exciting to see which card we pull, and what messages it might have in store for us in the little book that comes with the deck. Sure, that part is kinda fun.

But I’d like you to consider that you ARE the oracle. There is no information on that card or in that little book that you cannot access yourself, WITHOUT it. We are addicted to externalizing our power and it needs to stop. The insights, the wisdom, the knowledge is right there. And it requires us to give up our littleness and begin to trust ourselves.

Don’t hand your power over to something outside of yourself.

It takes practice, like working a muscle, to learn to trust ourselves. But it is entirely possible, in fact, I would say it’s necessary that we take back our power and begin to trust ourselves wholeheartedly.


Our local intuition is a type of biological intuition. We are electromagnetic beings and therefore we are sensitive to one

another, and our environments. It’s not a special gift, but we largely ignore it so that when we do have that knowing or feeling, we treat it as woo woo.


Our non-local intuition, according to the #heartmathinstitute is the knowledge or sense of something that cannot be explained by

past or forgotten knowledge or sensing environmental signals. Non-local intuition is where we access information outside of the time and space in which we reside. Everybody can do it. How? Practice. Train with a qualified Intuitive Intelligence trainer, like me.

If you’d like to deepen your relationship with your intuition, get in touch.

The power is within you.

Reclaim it.