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Totally personalised 1:1 packages designed specifically for your unique needs. 2 package options are available (3 months and 6 months) for those who are serious about growing their businesses and making a difference. Spaces are limited and by invitation only. 

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Head over to Insight Timer to access 30+ free audios covering a range of topics for business owners - productivity, intuition, self-esteem, launching, leadership, workshops, meetings and more. If you find one you enjoy, leave me a review to let me know! I check them frequently.

Client Testimonials

Alexis Farley
Louise Robertson
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Before working with Chenae I couldn’t see my business going to the next level. I didn’t know what I needed to do to move it from plodding along to thriving. I had big goals but no clarity on how to map out and achieve these goals.

Chenae helped me to chunk down my big goals and see what needs to be achieved each step of the way. Her patience and intuition guides and supports me on this journey so that my dream actually feels possible. I have seen more movement in my business and my mindset has changed.

I have booked out a number of successful group photoshoots and the quality of my content and visibility has improved.

- Helen

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Before working with Chenae I knew the basics of running a business but I really wasn’t confident. I was running workshops at a loss and slowly drip-feeding clients through the door. I had lost all enthusiasm.

Within the first two months of working with Chenae I had signed up 3 new clients and had rediscovered my enthusiasm. I feel confident and supported with knowing exactly what to focus on. Working on my business is now stress-free and actually enjoyable as I have systems and processes that suit the way I do biz.

I now have a business that is thriving and I love my business as the CEO, and it feels so amazing!

- Deb

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My business was ‘existing’ before I started working with Chenae. I did okay, but it often felt like a lot of effort. My turnover has increased many times over and I’m in a much better financial position as a direct result of Chenae’s assistance.

I have a team of people now who support me behind the scenes, and Chenae is an integral part of that. She’s helped me to improve my systems and to push my boundaries on what I felt I could do versus what I could actually do.

I am no longer a sole trader, and my company is set up with systems that support my long term goals. I’m no longer wearing all the hats so I can excel and continue to grow!

- Kristan