Your logo is a representation of your business. It acts as a visual association. When you see the American Express logo, the McDonald’s golden arches and the adidas logo, you know what each represents.

Here’s why your logo is vitally important:
Every emotion you’ve felt around that business surfaces when you see that logo. It’s important that time and thought go into your logo, and that it’s designed with your whole business in mind.

Look and feel 
All you need to get a logo is a business idea. But before you launch from idea to logo – you’ll need to take a few elements into consideration. You’ll need to consider colours, fonts and style (look and feel) because whatever you choose as your logo, needs to be associated with the right emotions for your brand. If you have a spirituality business, big bold colours might not work. Whereas if you are a big corporation, you could use bolder fonts and colours.

If you want to be seen as a leader in your field or area of expertise, your logo needs a certain level of professionalism. It needs to be sharp (not blurry), aligned (symmetrical) and you need it in a range of formats to ensure you can use it across multiple mediums. For example, a jpeg form is fine for some uses, however you might need a .png file for others. Having your logo professionally designed will ensure these boxes are ticked.

Graphic design isn’t always cheap . But you only really get one shot to design your logo, so you want to get it right. Creating a beautiful image right from the get-go will support your business in gaining traction and awareness so do yourself a favour and look into having it designed by a pro.