I am very excited to share this with you and I trust that you will find some guidance, love and support to find inspiration!
Some questions that we are going to look at together today are around WHO your clients are. You could schedule one WHO post per week, fortnight, month, whatever works in with your social media schedule.

Who are your ideal clients?
There are many elements that make up your ideal client. If you are unsure of who your ideal client is, I HIGHLY recommend you get this sorted out ASAP. Your ideal client is ultimately the type of person you want to work with. What type of biz are they running? What type of character are they? Are they an action taker? Are they needing lots of support and guidance? Whatever that is, you can start to shape your posts around this. For example, if your ideal clients are action takers, you can start off some posts with, “Are you ready to take action?” “Is it time to do something differently?” You can create inspirational images using programs like Word Swag (app) or Canva to create your own quotes, and add your name to the bottom. Write your posts as if you’re talking to them at a coffee shop. Who do you want to work with?

Who are your raving fans?
Your raving fans are usually people who you have already done biz with, and they love your work. They leave an appointment/session/class with you feeling energised, inspired, enthusiastic and great about themselves. If you don’t already have testimonials from these people, ask for them. They can post directly onto your Facebook reviews section (see mine here). You simply copy the link (URL) in your browser.