Ahhhh that old chestnut. Knowing what to post on your FB biz page can be tough as a solopreneur, but never fear – I’m here to save the day! I’ve thrown together a list of post ideas for you, in case you’re ever feeling stuck for content ideas or you just don’t know WHAT to post. These fall under FIVE KEY CATEGORIES that I believe are essential to make a good FB page for female solopreneurs like us. Click here for a run down on those 5 categories and examples.

Here’s some ideas for posts to put on your biz page

  • Social (on-the-go)
  • Posts about you
  • What you’re up to
  • Things that are happening in your life
  • Dining out
  • A good coffee
  • A great restaurant you went to
  • An idea you’ve had
  • Something new you’d like to try
  • Something I’m up to (behind the scenes in biz or personal)
  • Fun facts about things you do (sport/hobbies/weird fetishes)
  • Your message for the world
  • What you are all about
  • I have never ever…
  • The purpose of your biz
  • Something that people might not know about you
  • Welcome new followers to your page
  • Getting to know you
  • Educating people
  • Personal stories (like that skipping competition you won in grade 6)
  • Your journey in business
  • Your face (read: selfies)
  • VALUE posts (things that help people in your zone of expertise)
  • Give value to your followers with hints, tips and tricks
  • Something that is worth it for THEM to follow you
  • If we booked a session with you, what can we expect?
  • Tips about your zone of genius that people can try right now
  • Facebook lives with helpful info
  • Tricks and hacks to help them make life easier, simpler, more fun etc
  • Fun posts for the sake of fun
  • Fun content is content that is not related to your biz
  • Fun posts not related to you
  • Get people to share about themselves by sharing something about you first (first jobs, starsign, first car etc)
  • Entertain your followers
  • Engage your followers (without being spammy)
  • Make ’em laugh! (see example here)
  • Don’t be afraid to stretch your own limits and post something wacky
  • Posts about what you sell
  • The other stuff you sell
  • Your freebies (opt-ins)
  • Your webinars
  • Softer sell, behind the scenes freebie post
  • Finish this sentence…


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