Isolation does not mean you are alone! We have so much incredible technology available to us that we are able to stay connected, and FEEL connected. But it’s not going to come without effort. It’s up to us to initiate connection, and respond to connection requests from others.

I also believe that it’s important that we pay attention to our VIBRATION always, but now more than ‘usual.’ It’s easier than ever to feel frustrated, uncertain, doubtful, scared.

So stop.

Take a moment right now.

How are you feeling?

What’s the general tone of your mood? 

The Law of Correspondence is worth mentioning here, as within, so without. This cosmic law is in action all the time, and is entirely impartial. It’s not going to play out more or less due to the curent global climate. Whatever you’re feeling inside will be reflected in the external environment. Not the other way around. Just because many are panicking, fearful and worrying does NOT mean that you need to feel that way too. 

When you find yourself in states of fear (remembering that ANYTHING that is not love, is fear) that is your reminder to elevate your vibration. So if you’re feeling lonely, frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, or any other iterations of fear (anything that is not love) this is your invitation to shift your vibration. And I can help with that. 

On Sunday March 29, 2020 a group of us gathered online to help me do two things:

  1. Bring people together when we feel separate
  2. Raise our vibration

I hosted an online event unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Together we all sang this song (which has gone viral thanks to Allison Davies). We did it 54 times. Yep. 54. It was dinner time for some, bed time for others, yet we had SO MANY adults and kiddies there live. It was messy and it was fabulous. If you’d like to listen in, you’ll find it here:

Here’s the lyrics
[Every little cell in my body is happy
Every little cell in my body is well] x2

[I’m so glad
Every little cell
In my body
Is happy and well] x2


Here’s some other vibration raising practices I prepared for you earlier… 

Heart congruence (with explanation for first timers):

Heart congruence (without explanation):

The Micro Method:



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