It’s incredibly important to give value on your Facebook biz page. Not only does it give your followers a good reason to KEEP following you, but it also plays an important role when it comes to the Facebook algorithm. I’ve broken it down to a really simply process to share with you today.

How the FB algorithm works: The more people ENGAGE (like, love, comment, share) with your page, the more likely they are to keep seeing your posts. If they stop engaging, they’ll stop seeing your posts because no engagements indicates that they are not interested in the posts you’re putting out there. What is the point of creating content if nobody sees it? When you give value, you’re sharing content that HELPS your followers. The more you make it about THEM, the more likely they are to stick around.
Value can be in a wide variety of forms, here’s some things to get you started:

  • Tips
  • How to do xyz
  • Tricks and hacks
  • Things that save time/money/energy
  • Things you might not have known
  • Advice
  • When you are xyz, try abc
  • Education
  • This thing is not as good for you as this other thing
  • I’ve just learned how to xyz, and I think you might like it too
  • New ideas to try
  • If you’re struggling with xyz, abc can help

If your page is all about what you SELL, that gets boring really fast, and it’s a fast track to losing the interest of your followers. Giving value is just ONE of the post types you need for a good content strategy, but it’s one of the easiest to come up with, and to help you with the algorithm.