What’s in your subconscious? Copy

What’s in your subconscious?


The subconscious mind is highly programmable, and because we have mostly not been aware that we are one with the mind of the Infinite, we have believed our fear stories,  and  the  fear  stories  of  the  world  around  us,  and  we  have  focused  our  attention  on  those  things,  without any filter.

The captain of the ship has looked this way and that, absorbed by the events of life, and passed these very mixed instructions to the subconscious below deck.

Combined  with  how  our  brain  has  evolved  to  be  primed  to  identify  danger  in  our  environment,  the  result  is  that  the  bulk  of  our  consciousness  is  attuned  to  the  negative,  fear-based dominant consciousness of the collective reality we witness. We have forgotten that we are in a co-creative relationship  with  the  one  mind. 

The  result  of  this  for  our  lives  is  chaos. 

Most  of  us  live  with  a  general  sense  of  managed  chaos  waiting  for  the  next  event  or  emotional storm to derail us. This is because if the mind is uninvestigated, if we have not taken the time to explore the contents below deck, then we cannot know the difference between our fear and intuition. 

Our subconscious mind is the gateway to the infinite field. Our access to the field/one mind gets blocked because our subconscious is full of stuff we didn’t even know we chose to focus on.