Surrender intuition Copy

NOTE: This phase of intuition has been broken up into 2 parts. And for what it’s worth – I’m working on being in this phase myself as often as possible but I’m not there yet. It’s a journey! 

Surrender Intuition

Qualities: subconscious, active, nonlocal, acausal, creative, full spiritual agency, deep

Surrender intuition is when our Intuitive Intelligence becomes our dominant
subconscious program. We are running the program of intuition dominantly in our subconscious. It is entirely nonlocal. We are in symbolic sight; we’re not looking at the 3D to give us data about the world. It is when we have moved into a seamless operation of this phase of intuition as the dominant program in our subconscious. In other words, it is functioning below the level of our Conscious Reasoning Mind. Remember that the vibration of the One Mind, the Superconsciousness, is pure energy, and this is the feedback loop of communication that occurs As Within, As Without. The three immutable laws seamlessly working in favour of our Surrender Intuition with our own God Mind.

We are in a state of being in which our arms are wide open, holding nothing back, saying, “Okay, God, I’m yours. Use me.” Our life is in service to the greater good. We have put down all agendas on how we think life should look. We’ve put down this idea that there’s a reward system for being a good spiritual person and by doing our devotion and showing up to our spiritual practices or being nice to people or adopting puppies. We are no longer believing that there is this karmic reward system and that we are supposed to get good things if we show up to God. If we don’t get good things and we withdraw our affection from God.

When we recognise that even though we do not always understand the events of our life and the events of the world around us, we trust, we surrender. We throw our arms wide open to the will of the God Mind. We are here as holy servants, Gods’ humble hands and feet in the world.

Our intuition has the most precise possible channel because we don’t then argue with what we hear.

Even at the communion intuition phase, we argue to an extent with God. If guidance is received into us (which is a misnomer, it’s not into us, it’s just coming from us, for our intuition is within us), we will resist. We’ll hold back from God’s instructions because we’re still holding a perception of how our life should look. If it doesn’t match what our ego wants, then we can get ourselves turned all around and upside down. We might even lose faith because of what we thought we were going to get out of pursuing our paths.

The endpoint of intuition is that there is no need for intuition. Surrender intuition is a step on that path. Surrender intuition is the absolute lack of resistance. It is defenselessness. There is nothing that could happen in my life that I would consider has gone wrong. It’s a state of being.

Unlike the other phases, living this state of being becomes something we aren’t dropping in and out of when we want to know the answer to a question, or we feel confused and conflicted with events in our life. We are aware simply through living our state of being, that we’re in flow with the God Mind. We know when we’re out of this phase of intuition by the stirrings and agitations to our state of being, and we then recognise we need to come back into flow. We know that we need to respond and course-correct and come back into our dominant state of being, surrender intuition.

Remember that in this phase of intuition, we are in servitude to God, to the awakening consciousness of all. The development of our intuition and state of being is switching how we are currently in relationship with our intuition. Our holy task is in the development of our intuition so that we are living a state of being, in surrender intuition all of the time. It’s a fearless state because we trust our Intuitive Intelligence all of the time. We don’t question it, even if what we’re asked to do by our intuition will take us away from the familiar and the known of our comfort.

Surrender intuition in its light form is 100% trust in the God mind and living in what we can call flow state. It is 100% soul identified. Living this state of being can only exist through consistent devotion. It doesn’t happen randomly. It’s a refined state of being that requires 100% congruence. We are not there yet. Our aim and the measure of our spiritual maturity or agency, is to go towards living in surrender intuition as often as possible. This requires surrender to the greater mind, surrender to divine will, “Thy will be done.”

Even if it means that my ego will be throwing tantrums left, right and centre, I’m not going to put down my faith just because it’s awkward, uncomfortable or inconvenient.

In it’s shadow form, surrender intuition can see us wanting to withdraw from the world, what we call bypassing our humanity.We say “I want to be in meditation, in a cave on top of a mountain where it feels so good to be in the presence of God, away from all of you human folk who are just bringing me down with your human dramas”. We attempt to withdraw instead of taking God out into the world. We say things that bypass other people’s experiences. We will negate people or ourselves and not allow our humanity to be present in our divinity. This is problematic because we’re in a human experience for an excellent reason. The shadow form of surrender intuition is where we abdicate responsibility for showing up to the state of the world.

The more we awaken to our spiritual maturity, the more responsibility we want to take to ensure the dream that we’re all part of is evolving on behalf of all. As Intuitive Intelligence Trainers, this is our commitment; as we increase our spiritual agency, our capacity to serve those who don’t know how to help themselves increases.