Suffering and stories Copy



Why is there suffering? If we reside in the mind of the benevolent universe, then how could anything be less than love?” This is spiritual paradox in action. You’ll read more on page 48. Finding peace in the paradox is essential for your spitirual journey. 


Because self-awareness is not the same as raising consciousness, we want to find solutions or tools that are going to help us raise our consciousness without necessarily becoming so intimate with those details that we don’t know how to release them. In other words, we can empty or cleanse the subconscious mind of the fear stories without having to know what all those stories are. The volume of fear in our subconscious mind (which is also the gateway to the one mind) is so much that we simply don’t have time to go through every single thing. So what do we do instead? We keep turning up again and again and again. To keep turning up to that faulty fear belief and say…

This far and no further!

I’m willing to change my mind about myself, but I’m not going to do that at the level of the cranial brain. I’ve given that far too much privilege. I’m going to go now to my heart’s intelligence, my intuitive intelligence, where I am most powerfully connected to that one mind.

This is how intuition works. 

You can see that it takes an inner fire, a dedication, and spiritual fierceness. Intuition only works because we have allowed ourselves to feel that connection to the Infinite. If we do not believe that we are one with the Infinite, we simply cannot access the information that is being fed to us all of the time. Everything is contained in that one mind, and we are a part of it, and therefore completely able to connect to it. It is only fear that prevents us from knowing that.