Studies and research Copy

In  a  study  by  HeartMath’s  psycho-physiologist  Rollin  McCraty  in  2004,  it  was  found  that  a  participant’s  heart  rate significantly slowed before a future emotional picture was shown to the participant; that while both the heart and  brain  receive  and  respond  to  intuitive  information,  the heart appears to receive that information first. What the  studies  suggest  is  that  heart  is  the  main  conduit  that connects us to the quantum Field, and that it is the heart that then relays intuitive information to the brain, HearthMath Institute tells us. 

Raymond Bradley explains the action of nonlocal intuition or  intuitive  intelligence  in  the  following  way.  His  theory  is  born  of  experiments  designed  to  understand  the  success  of  repeat  entrepreneurs.  The  study,  conducted  in   partnership   with   Australian   Graduate   School   of   Entrepreneurship,   explains   how   the   entrepreneur’s   passionately  focused  attention  directed  to  an  object  of  interest  (e.g.,  a  future  business  opportunity)  attunes  the   bio-emotional   energy   generated   by   the   body’s   psycho-physiological  systems  to  a  domain  of  quantum-holographical    information,    which    contains    implicit,    energetically-encoded information. 

In  layman’s  terms,  what  this  means  is  that  when  we  focus  our  feeling  state,  we  tune  into  a  domain  beyond  the  world  of  the  senses,  described  here  as  “quantum-holographic information”, that contains information that is energetically encoded.

 We  need  to  learn  how  to  control  our  state.  We  do  that  by  learning  how  to  create  a  coherent  state,  particularly  between  the  heart  brain  and  the  cranial  brain.    If  we’re  in  an  incoherent  or  incongruent  state,  it  is  very  hard  for  us  to  be  in  that  natural,  expansive  state  of  being  that   allows   us   to   receive   our   intuitive   intelligence,   receive   from   within,   without,   just   stay   with   me.

The more expanded we are, the more relaxed and open, the more soft and receptive we are, the more we receive from that one mind, from that field. The more afraid and future-focused in a negative way and attached to the past we are, the more contracted we are. So it becomes very hard for that infinite one mind to be able to commune with us.

We  might  desperately  want  our  intuition  to  guide  us  because we’re feeling so scared, but we’ve actually created a state of being that’s at odds with our true nature, with the nature of the cosmos, which is open and expansive