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Reactive Intuition

Qualities: Local, passive, biological, intermittent, conscious, shallow, minimal
spiritual agency, non-participatory

This is the phase where we are willing to believe that psychic information or information is available through intuition is out there in the world. We will go out to seek someone, or something that we think has access to that information.


We do not yet believe that we have access to that information. We believe intuition is a gift, and only some people have it. When we are in a state of crisis, we will seek out the psychic, or the tarot reader or the healer, who will help us believe that there’s some bigger picture, there’s some relief. There’s someone who knows what’s going on, even though we have no freaking idea and feel completely out of control, we’re reacting, and we’re in reactionary mode to the world.


Maybe our husband left, or we’re in a financial crisis, or we’ve got a health crisis, and we want some answers. We want to believe that someone or something out there can give us some peace of Mind that someone else can take responsibility for our life for a time. We want someone to answer the questions of our life. It is a very immature relationship with intuition. The idea that intuition is a gift is something that we like to believe because it lets us off the hook of thinking that I have it, and I may need to train it and put the time in to get clear in my access to that knowledge.


When we’re in the light form here, it is the gateway drug. It’s the opening to a higher power beyond the material senses. It’s the beginning of that recognition that the cosmos is made up of more than just what can be perceived through my material experience.

On the shadow side, we’re often looking for the abdication of responsibility, someone to take the burden of our life off our hands, someone to say, “I know the answers, just do everything I say, and you’ll be right.” Or that feeling of being a victim of reality. “Why is this happening to me?” Rather than reflecting on, “Okay, my husband left me because I was engaging in childish behaviour, I was spending money like an idiot; I wasn’t taking responsibility for anything.” 

Instead of doing that, we are looking at the world as though we are the victim of it. We don’t want to know and we don’t want to take personal responsibility. We’re reacting to our life as though we’re a victim. Tuning into our intuition and training would no longer permit us to stay in the victim role.

In quantum physics, we say there are no watchers in the quantum field. we are never passively receiving life. We are always making choices, and we don’t necessarily acknowledge that we are making those choices, so life happens to us. we say, “I don’t know how this chaos happened”, “I don’t know how I’m in another shitty relationship”, “I don’t know how I’m in debt again”, “I don’t know how I’m in a job I hate”. The truth is we are constantly creating our reality. Our Subconscious Mind is a creative force to be reckoned with, and what is in our subconscious? Mostly unmet shit. That is what we program out into the One Mind, and the One Mind loves us so dearly that it bows down before us without judgment. It doesn’t say, “That’s not a great request. You probably should not choose that”. It just says, “okay, here you go, I love you, have it. Whatever you want, have it”.

The problem with this level of intuition is that we are mainly lazy. Not only are we lazy with our consciousness, letting any thought take us over, but we will also put our consciousness pretty much anywhere with no discernment. “Oh stuff, shiny, oh look at that over there, oh stuff, oh images blah, blah, blah”.

The reason is because we are attuned to fear. We will go towards our fear without question. As soon as a fearful emotion hits us, we say, “What’s the cause, what’s the reason, why am I feeling like this, quickly find evidence, oh yes, that was when I was 3 when I didn’t get the love that I needed. Oh, that’s why I am overeating right now, because of this ….”. We build walls around that fearful feeling, instead of thinking, “Okay, this is an interesting feeling”, and let that go. We look for evidence to back up our fear. We very rarely look for evidence to back up our good feelings.

We form communities around our suffering, but we rarely create communities around our joy. We don’t celebrate ourselves, but we will be punitive towards ourselves obsessively. Unfortunately, we are biologically hardwired to privilege fear as a survival instinct, so we become addicted to cortisol and adrenaline. We become addicted to fear. And this reduces our capacity to know our intuition, so we have to practice, use our inner discipline, our spiritual fire, to be willing to change our program. Luckily our Subconscious Mind is just highly programmable. It is not programmed towards fear; it is just highly programmable. And when we start to do this, that’s when we move into the next phase of intuition.