Introducing heart congruence Copy

When  we  focus  our  feeling  state,  we  tune  into  a  domain  beyond  the  world  of  the  senses,  described  here  as  “quantum-holographic information”, that contains information that is energetically encoded. 

Heart Congruence is an adaptation of Heart Coherence. 3  minutes  of  Heart  Congruence  produces  6  hours  of  optimal functioning in the systems of the body.

Heart  Coherence  produces telomerase and reverses the ageing process. Heart coherence produces telomerase, an enzyme, which grows  the  telomere,  the  shoelace-like  end  of  the  DNA  strand  that  shortens  as  cells  divide  (this  is  aging)  until  it  is  entirely  gone  and  the  DNA  frays.

Heart Congruence increases our intuition by bringing us into a vibrational match with the One Mind (or unified field). It puts us into the optimal feeling state to receive our intuition. If you’re stressed, you are energetically contracted.