Energetic Protection Copy

Energetic protection 

What is it to be energetically protected when we live life with intuitive intelligence? The idea of protection refers to the belief prevalent in much spiritual doctrine that we need to keep ourselves energetically clear of other people’s energy, and in particular those people who are perceived to be holding lower vibrational frequencies than us. It is not limited to people, however. In this kind of belief, we are as equally vulnerable to non-incarnate entities and places. What does this mean? Some people and places don’t feel good to us, and others feel downright scary. Some people and places appear to drain us and leave us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

We may find ourselves saying, “the vibe was off” or “that person didn’t gel with me”. In these cases, we are experiencing something energetically that feels out of alignment, without necessarily knowing what is happening. We may learn to stay away from those people and places, although more often than not this is not possible, or we do not have enough faith in our feeling or knowing to back ourselves up. Instead, much new age philosophy will recommend visualising yourself in a bubble, separating yourself energetically from the things, people, and places you feel are bringing you down, vibrationally speaking (and it’s all vibration). This attitude of separation thinking teaches us a myriad of external tools to clear the low vibes.