Discernment Copy

This kind of protection is an act of sacred service, supporting all to return to oneness. Together we rise beyond the illusion of separation. This kind of protection also supports our discernment. Those people we see as a problem are US. Do we want them to suffer by excluding them from our love? No. Does that mean we want to spend time with those people or places that are not in coherence with us? The answer to that is also no. Our love for them as an aspect of us does not make us personally responsible for the world.

 It makes us personally responsible for ourselves. And discernment is an excellent tool for the intuitively intelligent person to apply. Just as we must be vigilant to keep our vibration high and light, we must work for our discernment. As Meggan Watterson offers:

“Discernment can be difficult. Often there is a lot of spiritual sweat involved, because we’re not ready to see what, in fact, the soul is clearly showing us we need to do. We create aversions and distractions, and we flail around as if we’re drowning, or we pretend that we’re lost.”

We know that this is the very heart of what it is to be intuitively intelligent – to act upon what the soul is clearly showing us we need to do. It is easier – and here is the temptation of the idea of protection – to blame something outside of us as the reason we have been led into the lower vibrations. An energetic “entity” for example, or our housemate’s “bad vibes”, an unhelpful conjunction of planets, or a crystal with a “negative” energy attached to it. The victim archetype will search desperately outside of itself for the cause of suffering.

When I am in coherence, I am clear on what vibes with me and who I want to spend my time with, where I want to spend my time, and what kind of things I want to be doing with my time. I make choices from this place of radical self-love rather than a place of clouded confusion and fear. I am not only in resonance with the vibration I want to be living through, I am generating that vibration.