Breaking the law Copy

Intuitive intelligence is a practice predicated on a return to oneness, union with the one mind. We posit a radically different position, one that I believe is vital to the success of being the most intuitively intelligent human that is possible: it is our job as leaders of the spiritually fierce movement to overcome the belief in separation. Our power is in determining how we receive other people’s energy.

We walk around believing we are vulnerable to the world. We don’t remember that this physical body is simply an extension of our energetic body. We have a choice about the energy we project into the world through resonance. When we remember this, we change the way we talk about energetic protection and, more importantly, the way in which we participate in our own lives. When we go into the world, or a meeting, or a client session believing we need to “protect” ourselves, we are invested in the illusion of separation. Instead we can approach it like this:

I prepare the environments, people and myself by holding the highest vibration possible. I set the intention for all by holding the vibration of compassion in my own energy field

Energetic ‘protection’ in the intuitive intelligence model can be called Discernment.