Bonus practice: Write your intention for your life Copy

Bonus practice: Write your intention for your life

It is said that billionaires review their goals twice a day. You may not have the goal of becoming a billionaire but this information is showing us is that the most abundant amongst us are focused on manifesting reality, not just receiving it.

Will you set your intentions for your life and visit them often?

  • Here are some of the intentions Ricci-Jane Adams wrote for her life when she birthed this program…
  • To lead the revolution in excellence in the intuitive sciences
  • For each woman I work with to meet her sacred power unapologetically
  • Freedom
  • More time to work ON my Institute
  • More time to do nothing
  • More international travel for business and pleasure

These intentions are a combination of her mission statement for the Institute and her soul, combined with the 3D reality intentions that bring her joy. This is a very REAL list, she recounts, “it motivates the crap out of me!”


Now it’s your turn.

Write your list.


Then we’re going to turn the intentions on your list into a feeling. Beside each item on your list write down the corresponding feeling state that the intention invokes. Each day, look at that list. But don’t stop there. Pick one intention and spend a full, whole body, heart-and-soul minute invoking the corresponding feeling state. The feeling is the prayer. If fear comes up, use your tools to move that fear out of the way, and get back to evoking the feeling. And never take a day off. Not if you want that list to become reality. As within. So without. As above. So below.