Bonus practice: Subconscious Fear Release Practice Copy

Subconscious Fear Release Practice

This is a physically intense practice, easily the most intense that you’ll do in this program. Please take care of your shoulders, arms, neck and adjust if you have any injuries or limitations. I recommend that you save this practice to do together in our 1:1 session. 

• Set a timer for 11 minutes
• In a seated position, spine straight, outstretch the arms at shoulder height,
with no bend in the arms.
• Hold down the pinkie and ring fingers with the
thumb and outstretch the middle and index fingers on both hands.
Inhale through the mouth, through closed/clenched teeth (this may make an audible sucking sound), and exhale through the nose.
• Do this for 11 minutes, lowering the arms if necessary and then raising again.
When the time has elapsed raise your arms high over you head and then lower slowly. You might like to bring your hands in to prayer position. You might like to pause at the heart. 
• Lower your hands to your lap. 
• Rest with eyes closed.
• Roll the shoulders a few times.