Bonus practice: love or fear? Copy

Is it love or is it fear?

(SF Book page 71)

This practice is powerfully simple. It is an on the go, guerrilla-style tool we can use in the moment to bring us back to our intuitive intelligence. What happens in our day-to-day lives, when we have forgotten our true nature, is that we get very caught up in a fear about making the right or wrong decision. For some of us this is immobilising. What if we get it wrong? Whatever it is, we get trapped in our logic and lose our capacity to intuit, to be guided.

People often want an intuitive reader to tell them the answer to the myriad of choices before them because they are immobilised by the fear of making the wrong choice. They would rather abdicate responsibility for their lives than risk getting it wrong. Worse, people actually believe that there is a right and wrong choice. We must remind ourselves of the spiritual paradox here:

We are divinely fated and we have absolute free will.

Ultimately, we are on this planet for one purpose only, and that is to awaken.

So, in truth we cannot make a wrong decision. The soul’s purpose – and the Infinite consciousness of which our soul is a part – will always bring us back to where we can most effectively awaken. The Infinite acts non-judgmentally, and in accordance with the law. We’ll dive into the laws next.

We need to remind ourselves also here that we can awaken through suffering or joy. God’s love for us is totally impartial and 100% unconditional. God gives us what we are calling forth, and will utilise those conditions for the sole purpose of awakening, which determines the quality of the ride of this thing called life

Here’s the practice

Whenever a choice has to be made, ask yourself this:

Is my choice one of love or one of fear?

This question is an instant stress relief when we utilise it often enough. By this, I simply mean that we need to get very comfortable with being honest with ourselves about what motivates us. If we are experiencing low self-esteem, the need to be liked and approved of will override our capacity to know if a choice is for love or fear.