Bonus practice: 40 days of Forgiveness Copy

40 Days of Forgiveness

Forgiveness that is the work of our lives. Why? Well, forgiveness in the way we practice it is about overcoming the belief in separation (we are all one, the law of mentalism). All acts of forgiveness are to and for the self. There is no one out there to forgive. Don’t worry if that last statement is a bit mind-boggling. It will become clear in time. Quantum forgiveness is a return to our own innocence. When we are judging another we are projecting our guilt onto the world. Forgiveness is actually  a shift in perception, simple yet powerful.

The practice
Choose one person to whom you hold feelings of unforgiveness. For 40 days, everyday, send them all the blessings of the cosmos. This practice from Marianne Williamson works so powerfully to move us away from the bitter poison of unforgiveness to a place of acceptance and then release.