Are you a solopreneur in startup?
If so, you might be surprised to hear exactly what it is that you need on your FB biz page…. Or you might not. If you’ve been following me for a while, this may not come as a surprise.

Your page needs YOU.
And it needs you in many forms.
It needs your voice. 
It needs your personality. 
It needs your sense of humour. 
It needs your wisdom. #zoneofgenius
It needs your face. 
And it needs your attention. 

So, you’re probably wondering what I mean by all this. Let me break it down for you.
Your voice. No, not like John Farnham. Your posts need to be in your voice, you’d be surprised how many people feel like they need to be super professional. Don’t do that. It’s boring.

Your personality. What kinda person are you? Hopefully based on my page, you can tell what kinda person I am. Make sure your followers can feel your personality through the kind of content you post, and what you say on your posts. I’m relaxed and playful, so I choose to write words like kinda, wanna, y’know. I’m not saying that’s what you need, but make sure your personality is there!

Your sense of humour. Just because it’s a biz page, that DOES NOT mean that it’s all business no play. In fact, most of my better performing posts are funny. In fact, I do a joke of the week and my followers love it. It’s usually a bad dad joke too, which makes it even funnier. My point is – give yourself to bring some fun and laughter to your biz page.

Your wisdom. This is your #zoneofgenius. You need to make sure you’re sharing tips, educating your audience and giving them golden nuggets. They love it.

Your face. Like it or not, trust is built in the social media world through visual recognition. When people start seeing your face, they start to get to know you. It’s the next best thing to meeting people in real life. We’re online and we’re on SOCIAL media, so we need to make it as personable and social as possible. That’s where your face (and pics of you) comes in.

Your attention. You can’t expect your page to serve you as a strong element of your marketing toolkit if you only pay attention to if every now and then. And I say, if you’re posting in FB groups for solopreneurs, you can post on your page. You’re already creating content, anyways. People often get stuck because they expect their biz page to generate sales. Nope, it’s not a sales platform, it’s a relationship builder. You’re gonna start resenting your page if you expect a measurable ROI for it.