There once was a girl
And her name was Chenae
She had courage and tenacity
And nothing got in her way.

She had ideas in abundance
They constantly channeled through
She could talk and talk and talk
Until her face turned blue.
On day, in late February ’17
She had a really big idea
That would take a big risk
But the end results were clear.
She floated for 90 minutes
In a shallow, dark tank of salt
And decided she wanted her own tank
And she sat up with a jolt.
Afterwards she called her partner
But she didn’t have to insist,
She said “lets buy a float tank”
And he really couldn’t resist.
So they ordered their tank
And headed to Bunnings straight away
The tank would be there in mere weeks
There was no time to delay!
And now she sits at home
In an area they will get ready
For clients to sit and relax
After floating, feeling calm and steady.
To be continued…


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