Once upon a time
The was a young lady
Who lived in a shoe
Just kidding, that’s crazy!

I’ll start again…
So once upon a time
In two thousand and sixteen
This woman called Chenae
Was the happiest she’d ever been
Her old job was not fulfilling
But it paid the bills
So she stuck it out a while
Well at least she did, until….
In October 2016 she did a workshop
All about designing her ideal life
She learned a lot about herself
And realised she was in strife
Did she want to stay in this job
And work there forever?
No she did not, she decided
That wouldn’t be very clever
There came a time at that event
When the facilitator talked about
A decision making matrix
A big process, no doubt
This process is for big decisions
To help us to get really clear
Whether a big decision that’s lurking
Is the direction we really should steer
We looked at things like values
Considered the impacts, too
And then he asked for a volunteer
I bet you can guess who
There was 2 volunteers
Who bravely shared
A big decision they wanted to qualify
And all details were bared
Another person went first
And he was mostly clear on his
But there were a few little areas
That were just slightly amiss
He needed to work on it a little
His decision wasn’t wrong
He just needed a little more congruency
And his decision would be strong
Then it came to me
It was my turn to share mine
I was asked what my big decision was
That I wanted to know was fine
I said, surprisingly, to the whole room
That what I wanted to do was to
“Leave my job in the next 12 months”
Honestly, that was pretty scary to do
Then we went through the process
On my big decision that I said
Turns out that unlike my fellow volunteer
I got 100% yes on every element they said.
So that was really interesting
And I started cutting my hours, albeit late
I went to 4 days a week the following October
But the universe had other plans for my fate
You see, you really do get what you ask for
In November, nearly 12 months to the date
That job was made redundant
And that was when I truly met my fate.


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