If your offer isn’t selling like hot cakes, it’s NOT a reflection of your worthiness, or whether you’re good enough, smart enough, whatever enough.

This makes sense logically, yeah?

But oh boy… the stories we tell ourselves!

If something doesn’t sell like hot cakes the MOMENT we release it into the world, we tell ourselves all sorts of bullshit stories about what that means about US.

 “I don’t know what I’m doing”
“I’m not smart enough”
“I don’t deserve success”
“I’m not good enough to do this”
“I’m making it up”
“I’ll never get there”


Here’s what is true:
1. You’ve gotta stay the course
2. Pick ONE thing and sell that
3. You‘ll probs need to refine it
4. People will eventually buy it
5. You need to know what THEY want and speak to it
6. Nobody can do it for you
7. You will have to meet your faulty beliefs about yourself
8. You’ll meet your fears
9. You’ll have to get over your addiction to littleness
10. You’ll have to embrace your potential

You are pure unlimited consciousness having a human experience. You are cosmic, you are divine, you are infinite, you are unlimited. You are everything. You are fucking glorious!!!!

Stop telling yourself lies so that you get to sabotage your success. I won’t stand for it. Meet your damn fears and keep going.