If you’ve got a brand, regardless of whether it is DIY or you’ve paid for branding, please read this.

It’s YOUR job to stay on brand.

You might get bored with the colours.

Or the font.

Or the vibe you’ve chosen.

Or sick of seeing your own face (sole traders I’m looking at you).

But staying on brand is your job.

I repeat. It’s your JOB.

It builds trust and credibility. Please don’t chop and change every 3 weeks. Creativity is incredible, but find a brand and please stick to it.

Imagine if apple changed the type of apple icon they used every few months. It’d be weird, right? When you see a McDonald’s sign from another part of the world and it’s a little different, it’s kinda weird.

Consistency is SO IMPORTANT in your biz, and your branding is no exception to that.

So if you find a quote that you love and want to share, re-create it on YOUR branding. Don’t use someone else’s branding (this is quite simple when you have a handful of templates).

When you take those extra moments to make sure what you share is ON BRAND, you’re adding to your brand, rather than taking away from it.