When you jump into FB page insights for the first time, it’s a scary place. There’s graphs and numbers and shit that probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
Am I right?
To be perfectly honest I don’t even look at them all myself.

All you need to look at and understand is the graphs and the summary. You can find these after you click on ‘Insights’ on your FB page, and then on the left hand side you’ll see a menu and you’ll find them under ‘posts.’ Here’s the THREE things you need to understand, and that’s it.

Number 1
You just need to look at the graph and understand that the graph is an average of the times when YOUR FOLLOWERS are on Facebook. If you don’t want to do the next step, just use this shaded blue graph to map out WHEN to schedule your posts. Schedule your posts when there’s peaks on the graph.

Number 2
If you want to get more specific, hover your curser over the rectangles associated with the specific days of the week. You’ll see a dark blue line graph pops up. This is the time specific to THAT DAY. If you move your curser off the rectangle, the line graph disappears. Have a look at all the different days. Use this to map out WHEN to schedule your posts on specific days of the week.

Number 3
Last but not least, you can scroll down past the graphs and you’ll see a summary of the posts you’ve published. You can click to see more if you scroll to the bottom and want to go back further in time. Once you’ve got some posts up, and you’re being consistent – this is a great way to check how your posts are performing at a glance, and compare them to others. If you’ve got 2 top tip posts that went on the same day of the week and the same time, and one reached a lot more people, you can use this snapshot to look at why that might be. You can also sometimes see trends in your reach.
That’s it!

So if you’ve mapped out when you need to schedule your posts but you’re not sure WHAT to post, grab a free copy of this little book full of ideas for posts and this PDF for mapping it out. I’m running a 6 week program kicking off on November 2, that gives you access to me, stepping you through it. The program is Facebook 101 for Solopreneurs and is designed for you if you need some help with your Facebook strategy. It’s $295 and you will find more details here: bit.ly/fb101startup. We kick off on Nov 2nd and I’d love to have you there. If you’ve got any questions about whether it’s the right program for you, shoot me an email to chenae@chenaecarey.com or send me a FB message.


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