Many women in startup, no matter what their zone of genius, are doing everything in their biz. Bookkeeping, admin, email marketing, social media management and more. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, because we need to keep our costs down when we are in startup. I get it. I was there not that long ago. But one of the most common mistakes I see solopreneur women make in startup is that they try to be ALL THE THINGS AT 100000%. You’re so bloody capable, but the EXPECTATION that you put on yourself around how much you do, (especially with social media) can often be far too much, too soon.

Let me explain…

Lesson 101: KEEP IT SIMPLE, THEN EXPAND. When you’re starting out in biz, you’re joining FB groups for women in biz, posting in those groups, setting up your FB page and getting stuck into posting on your page. And this is where I want you stop. Here’s what I see happening, and what you SHOULD do instead.

“Ohhhh – look at all these Facebook groups! I want to be in them all!”
Yes, it’s fine to be in them all. But to try to be an ACTIVE member in them all? Nope. No way. Give that shit up – right now. You do NOT have time for that in startup. Unless you want a fast track to overwhelm. Do you want that? I hope not. Start with 1-3 groups as your main focus. If you don’t spend much time on FB, pick ONE. If you’re on FB a fair bit, keep your limit at no more than THREE. I recommend my group, of course, and Tash Corbin’s Heart Centred Soul Driven Entrepreneurs. There’s many others that I recommend but I will not be sharing them here and adding to your overwhelm.

“Ohhhh – I can’t keep up, I’m just going to have a week/fortnight/month off Facebook.”
Why do you need a break? Did you do what I suggested above? If so, and you still need a break – that’s cool. A digital detox is absolutely a thing. But make sure it’s for the right reasons. Oh, and if you are going to disappear from Facebook, let us know!

“Someone told me I need 7 posts per day on my FB page so I have to do that.”
Ok cool. Go for it. But before you start – ask yourself if you actually have the time, energy and knowledge of WHAT content to post before you start sharing 7 posts per day. And if you don’t, I highly recommend you take that advice about 7 posts per day with a grain of salt. Because what good is advice if it’s not actually achievable for YOU? What I teach is to set a realistic goal when you’re starting out, and once you NAIL IT, then you stretch it. Then when you nail that, stretch it again. And 7 posts per day might be in your future, but not whilst you’re doing it solo. I’ve had clients go from 3-4 posts per week, to daily posts, to multiple posts per day and they are rocking their FB biz pages. You have full permission to go at YOUR PACE. Otherwise, you’ll end up being like a rollercoaster on your page – lots of content, then nothing, then lots of content and then nothing. Not a good look.