Should you start a Facebook group?

Possibly not.


Well I see A LOT of people wanting to start FB groups, but for the WRONG reasons.

Let me explain…

A Facebook group can be an excellent element in your online marketing strategy, there’s no doubt about it. However when you create a FB group, you’ve gotta be sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Here’s some examples of what NOT to do:

“My posts aren’t getting any traction in other groups, I’ll start my own.”
“Ohh, a group will be a place where everyone can buy from me.”
“This FB group is great, I’m gonna copy it.”
“Wow, this group makes the owner lots of money. I need one.”
“Nobody seems to know who I am. They’ll trust me if I have a group”

You see, most of the time the motivation is about themselves, not about others. And Facebook is SOCIAL MEDIA after all, it needs to be social. If it’s all about you, why would anyone want to join? A good Facebook group is about COMMUNITY. It’s about providing a space that serves a specific purpose for many, not just you. If you want to exclusively talk about yourself and your biz, that’s what your FB PAGE is for. There’s a reason FB has personal profiles, biz pages and groups. They all serve a different purpose.

Here’s some GOOD reasons to start a group:

  • You haven’t found a group that serves the purpose you’re after
  • You want to create a collective space for a specific reason/cause
  • You are keen to create a community
  • You have established trust and a following/community
  • You’re feeling comfortable with your use of FB and the time you spend on it. FB group admin takes TIME.
  • You’re creating a group to ADD something to your biz, not fill a gap

If you still think you’re ready to start a FB group, I’ve made you a FB group checklist to make sure you’re on the right path. If you’d like it, please send me an email or PM.