Welcome to the

Rise Inspire Shine Sisterhood

This is safe space for you to meet and release your fear.
It is my privilege to have you read this.

This Sisterhood is designed to be in service to your highest good.

About you

You’re a woman curious about spirituality. About intuition. About seeing what else could be possible. You might have seen me pivot my entire business and perhaps it intrigues you. You’ve already dipped your toe in the water when it comes to spirituality, and things like meditation are familiar to you, but you’re just at the beginning. You follow spiritual and intuitive people online, and you like to try new things. You’re on Facebook most days, and you’re probably running your own business. And if you do, you know that there’s more that you could be doing with your business, and that you’re not really at your full potential yet.

You’re looking for some personal support with your intuition, perhaps a community of like minded women. The idea of spending more time with women who ‘get it’ feels awesome. You love being with people that you don’t need to explain yourself to. Having a safe space to explore your fears excites you, but also scares the crap out of you. You know something needs to change but it’s friggin scary to go there. So you want to know that you’re not alone and working on this one on one feels a little intimidating (Pssst - you are SO not alone).

When you’re honest with yourself, you’re not really being all that you can be, and when it all boils down it’s because you’re afraid. Perhaps afraid of what people might think (I’m so guilty of this - especially with my family), afraid of doing it wrong (hello fear of failure my old friend) or even afraid that you’re not ever going to be good enough. You know that your fear can often hold you back.

About me

I’m here to tell you that you cannot fail. It is simply not possible. Failure is but a perception, and you my dear sister - cannot fail. Courage is my top value, and it kinda feels like it courses through my veins. It doesn’t mean that I don’t feel fear, it means that I won’t let fear stop me. I’m unafraid to meet my fear, listen to my intuition, trust it and take that leap of faith. And the good news is that I’m also unafraid for YOU. You can lean on me, tell me your deepest fears and none of your fears are terrifying enough to scare me away. Not one bit. I am here to serve you. To serve your highest good, and support your soul’s awakening. To remind you that you are love, and by releasing fear you return to love. I will not turn my back on you. I will stand beside you. Guide you. Support you. Hold you. I am also unafraid to say the things that some people are afraid to say. I am not afraid to be honest with you, upfront with you and direct with you. I am fiercely committed to you, and if that means that I have to deliver tough love - I will. I am not interested in mediocrity, for me or for you.

I also firmly believe that I don’t possess any special gifts that you cannot have yourself. I am not gifted, we are all intuitive. I have simply trained my ‘intuition muscle’ and developed my skill - which was only possibly by releasing my fear.

  • Monthly guided meditations
  • Monthly live channelled messages for every single member
  • Monthly live channelled messages for the group
  • Monthly live group intuitive group coaching calls, designed to meet and release fear
  • Monthly workshops on intuition
  • An exclusive FB group only for members
  • Spiritual practice modules for you to explore

Rise above the ceiling that has formed above you because of your fear.
Rise to become the woman you were born to be.
Rise up to do what it is that you are here to do in this lifetime.
Be unafraid to rise to the occasion - whatever that may be.
By rising up, you remind, inspire and encourage others to do the same.
Rise to be the confident, successful and authentic woman you are, inside and out.
Rise above and meet your fears to see the magic that is waiting for you on the other side.


Inspire other women with your courage to meet your fears.
Be inspired by women who do the same.
You will remember that inspiration comes from so many places.
You’ll be reminded of how inspiring you are.
You will take ownership of your ability to inspire and take it out into the world.

Allow inspiration to flow through you like an endless stream. 

Be the inspiration you were born to be!


Shine your light so that other who are in the dark may see.
Shine regardless of what others may say, do, feel because your light is a beacon for those who are searching for someone like you.
Shine so that others may see that I can be done, that it must be done.
Shine without fear so that tall poppy syndrome becomes a distant memory.
Shine so brightly that you raise the consciousness of the entire earth at this point in time.
Shine because it is your birthright to do so confidently!

It's your time to

Rise, Inspire & Shine

Stay for as long or as little as you like.
Memberships are monthly at $75 AUD.