Hi there! This is an important topic for me, because it’s really important for me to stay relatable. When I say relatable, I mean that it’s easy for you to relate to me, because you can see that I’m human and that I am NOT PERFECT.
Of course I’m not perfect…
It’s all well and good to KNOW that we aren’t perfect, but it’s pretty bloody scary how much I SEE perfectionism stopping women in biz from taking action. Like, it’s friggin’ ridiculous. SO many women are afraid to try because they don’t want to make mistakes or, even worse, FAIL.
If that’s you, you need to give that shit up. Why? If you don’t TRY, you’ll never experience success. Lemme just share something with you. If I didn’t try new things and give new stuff a go, there is NO WAY I can find out if it works.

  • I’ve f^&*ed up PLENTY of things in my biz
  • I’ve said OOPS a lot
  • I’ve launched things that don’t exist anymore
  • I’ve created things that I thought were GREAT IDEAS but were actually a flop
  • I’ve made a gazillion mistakes
  • I’ve learned a shitload of lessons

But you’re still here reading my blog, so it looks like perhaps I’ve also done some stuff RIGHT. Because I TRIED, I have discovered some things that work, and some that don’t. Have I got it all figured out? Ha! Nope.
My shit posts
It’s important that you know that I have shit posts too. I don’t EVER have EVERY single one of my posts go viral with explosive reach. It just doesn’t happen.
But I keep posting.
I know it probably sounds simple, and you’re probably thinking, ‘well of course you do, it’s your thing’ but I am always learning. I am not a genius and I am certainly not perfect. Here’s what to do when you have a post (or multiple posts) that don’t perform very well.

  1. Check you posted at a peak time, based on your page insights (if you don’t know how to find that, shoot me a PM on my FB page and I’ll show you how)
  2. Make sure you’re posting a variety of posts (just sharing everyone else’s posts won’t cut it)
  3. Plan out your content (make sure you’ve got a variety)
  4. Include YOU in the mix of your content
  5. Test and experiment – it’s FUN
  6. Remember that it’s only Facebook, your biz won’t fail instantly because one post didn’t get much reach
  7. Strive for excellence, not numbers
  8. Create ENGAGING posts, and don’t focus on the reach
  9. REVIEW your posts
  10. Ask for feedback