When you’re self employed, your energy has such an impact on your business! I’m not talking about your energy levels here, I’m talking about your vibration, your feeling state. The cosmic law of correspondence states;

As within, so without.

So what does that mean? What’s going on inside of you (what you’re thinking and feeling) will manifest it’s exact likeness in your external reality. When you’re loving life, your business feels easy and effortless, right? So what happens if you’re in a funk, feeling flat, or just over it? The good news is that there’s lots of things we can do to shift our energy. I also believe that it’s important to first check where you’re at in your cycle, because it could be hormones! If you don’t cycle then you can use the moon – follow Laura Dick for juicy info on all things cycle and business.

We know that everything is connected, and your business is no exception to that. So for me, I learn to ride the waves of my cycle, and make sure I’m doing lots of things I love. There’s lots of advice out there on how to shift your energy when you’re in a funk, there’s the usual things like getting outside in the sunshine and fresh air, getting our feet on the earth, but you’ve heard those before, plenty of times I’m sure. So today, I’m hoping to offer you a compilation you haven’t seen before. Settle in for my list of 56 ways to shift your vibration when you’re in a funk, and yes, you’ll see some shameless plugs for my meditations that are specifically for heart centred entrepreneurs, women with sole trader businesses and small business owners. Most of them won’t cost you a cent. 

1. Call or message someone who gets it, and who you feel safe to share openly with. Ask if they have the time and the capacity (because that’s important) for you to vent. If they give you the green light, share your frustrations with no filter, get all of that shit off your chest
2. Try one of my client attraction meditations, here’s the 19min version you should start with 
3. Buy a gift for someone you love but don’t see often because they live far away, hand write a note with it and pop it into the post
4. If you love dogs, watch something like this or this
5. If you usually meditate and you’ve let your practice go, pick it back up again. Or double your meditation time. Do it twice or lengthen the duration. Whatever you can make work
6. Heart congruence (10mins) 
7. Send a message to 5 people and tell them you adore them. Bonus points if you tell them why 
8. Have a dance, and let your body move in whatever way it wants
9. Put on an outfit you’d usually save for a special occasion
10. Find a women’s circle event nearby and book yourself a ticket
12. The 6 phase meditation by Vishen Lakhiani (21mins)
13. Find photos in your phone of a memory that brings you joy, maybe save one as your screen saver for the next 2-3 days
14. Take a nap because you’ve f*cking earned it (even if you don’t think you have)
15. Change the password on your phone/computer to something fun like boobies8008135, bonus points if you spot the 80s calculator reference/funny in 8008135 (make sure you remember your password so you don’t lock yourself out!)
16. Listen to my 3min grounding meditation
17. Do a puzzle
18. Listen to a podcast/audiobook that inspires you
19. Take yourself out for lunch, dinner or a movie
20. Try my meditation for eliminating self doubt (15mins)
21. Warm up a heat pack and pop it onto the part of your body which is the most tight/tense
22. Make a note of the abundance all around you, abundance is EVERYWHERE, it’s not just about financial abundance. It might be an abundance of sunshine, fresh air, trees, pillows (when in bed), people, smiles, food. Think outside the box
23. Do some tapping
24. Have a big yell, scream or cry. You might like to go for a drive and find somewhere private, turn up the radio and go for it. Or you could just do it at home. I reckon you’ve done a good job if your neighbours come to check on you
25. Write your frustrations out, and then try Byron Katie’s ‘4 Questions’
26. Turn your alarm off and have a sleep in tomorrow
27. Buy or pick yourself some fresh flowers
28. Change the sheets on your bed
29. Do my 10min meditation to elevate your self esteem
30. Get your dinner delivered, choose something you really enjoy
31. Make a playlist of songs that you love
32. Strike up a conversation (sms, messenger or even an actual phone call) with someone you haven’t spoken to in ages but would really like to hear from
33. Try my ‘Calm Your Mind’ meditation (10mins)
34. Get yourself a ticket to a business event with likeminded women, or find a networking event to attend. If you’re in Brisbane, I run 2 every month so get in touch if you’re a local 
35. Ask someone about their day, and ask genuine questions to get to know and understand their experiences, practice deep listening
36. Skinny dip, or run a bath
37. Book yourself a belly dancing class with a friend 
38. Go and visit an animal shelter, donate some old towels or sheets or buy some dog/cat food for them
39. Get inspired by Taylor Swift and Shake It Off. In other words, give your body a really good shake and move some of the stuck and stagnant energy from your body 
40. Try my express client attraction meditation (12mins)
41. Ask for help
42. Remember you’re not alone
43. Remind yourself that you’re more powerful than you give yourself credit for
44. Go and play putt putt
45. Try some chanting
46. Get yourself some fancy chocolate and savour every bite
47. Try my quick de-stress meditation (10mins)
48. Drink 2L of water and count how many times you pee
49. Set some goals for the month ahead and align with them using this 18min practice
50. Book yourself into an escape room, it’ll surely shift your focus!
51. Find somewhere you can do some axe throwing
52. Read some testimonials/feedback people have shared about you
53. The micro method (15mins)
54. Write a tacky poem
55. Have fun with filters on your phone and take some wacky pics of yourself, or video call someone with a filter on, maybe your head inside a piece of toast
56. Orgasm. It seems appropriate that we go out with a bang, right?! I don’t care if it’s self pleasure or with other people – I’ll leave that up to you!