There’s a lot of marketing out there that ‘sells’ self-care.

If I see a post that is selling self-care, I usually scroll past.

Not because I don’t value self-care.

Not because I don’t believe it’s important.

But self-care isn’t what motivates me to buy something. Self-care doesn’t speak to the outcome I want.

Here’s what I do want instead:

🖥️ I would respond to marketing that addresses my back feeling tight from sitting at my desk.

🛀 I’d buy a bath pillow that doesn’t just support my neck but actually extends all the way down under my bum cause I’m sick of slipping in the bathtub.

📚 I’m interested in subscriptions to products that relax my mind and help me let go of my to-do lists at the end of my workday.

All related to self-care, but going deeper. It’s SUCH a saturated market, so get to know your ideal client and be specific.

We know it’s important.

We do.

We don’t need you to convince us of the importance of self-care.

We need you to speak to our needs.

The things that stop us from taking time to care for ourselves.

If you’re speaking to people who don’t prioritize self-care, find ways to address the ‘too busy’ problem.

We don’t want ‘more self-care’ 🙅‍♀️

You need to be specific.

I don’t buy if it just says ‘more self-care.’ I buy what solves my problem.

How can you market in a way that solves our problems?