Oh hi! Are you a chef?
But you’re looking for a secret ingredient, right?
So you ARE a chef?
Lol, just kidding. It’s allllll good. You’re in the right place if you are looking for the secret ingredient that makes your FB biz page posts ROCK.

Drumroll please………………

Its YOU!

Now if you’ve been following me for a little while, you might not be surprised. I’m ALWAYS rabbiting on about how women who are running their own businesses NEED to have themselves on their biz page. But that’s probably not enough. So let me tell you SEVEN GOOD REASONS why you are the secret ingredient.

Number 1: If YOU are your business, and YOU are the talent, and people are buying YOUR services, they want to know about YOU. Full stop.

Number 2: When was the last time you spent money on a service from an online business owner that you didn’t know a little about already?

Number 3: Connection. Peeps want to connect with YOU, it’s social media after all, not tell-me-all-about-your-business-every-day-media. There’s enough of that on the TV.

Number 4: Think about your FB habits. How long will you stay connected with a FB page that ONLY posts promo/biz related stuff. Not long, right? Because it’s BORING.

Number 5: It’s likely that you are not the ONLY person who does what you do. You might be one of few, or similar to others, but chances are you’re not the ONLY one (I’m generalising here BTW). So if you’re not the only one, what makes you unique? YOU!

Number 6: Similar to number 5. What makes your business unique is you! Make sure you showcase your uniqueness!

Number 7: So many people forget about the social part of social media. If you keep it light and include some posts about you, you’re more likely to reach more people. Reach is based on engagement. Give them something that they will like!