Oh hello there! 
What brings you here?
Are you curious about how to use your phone to create a great FB post for your biz page?
Good! You’re in the right place!
Do you want the good news first?
Okay here goes…
Pretty much everyone has a smart phone these days, which is great for creating content on your FB biz page. Here’s some cool stuff you can do:

  1. You can take pics of cool stuff you’re doing
  2. You can post on the go
  3. You can schedule from your phone whilst you’re waiting (doctors, school pickup, appointments, stupid lines at Aldi etc)
  4. You can check when your next scheduled post is due, so you don’t post to close to it
  5. You’ve probably got a SHITLOAD of photos that would make great content already in your camera roll
  6. You have EVERYTHING you need in your phone to create a FB post

If you don’t already have the ‘Pages Manager’ app on your phone, get it. Now. It’ll make your life easier. Once you’ve got it, you’ll be able to check you pre-scehduled posts on the go too, and avoid clashes. Simply click the 3 little grey dots in the bottom right > select ‘scheduled posts’ > and bob’s your uncle!

Here’s my TOP TIPS on creating content using your photos already on your phone, and some examples of what I would do.

  1. Find a photo of you, and tell a story about it. It can be just you, or a group of people that you’re with, or you and your family… whatever. Just tell the story.
  2. Find a photo of something you ate, the looks APPEALING. Tell the story. It doesnt have to be at the time. You can simply write, “the other day…” or “last week I had…” Just because it happened on a certain day DOES NOT mean you can’t post about it later on!
  3. Find a photo of something cute. Pets and kids are generally good for the cute factor. Talk about the pic, give people an insight into your life a little if it’s a pet or child.
  4. Tell people what you’re up to. Take a selfie, and don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Nobody really loves perfect. It makes us feel shit and it’s a fast track to comparison-itis. Relatable is waaaaay better. Go for being relatable.
The other night I celebrated 2 years in my business! This teeny tiny bottle is the only mini they had at the bottleshop, and the Thai restaurant is entirely BYO!


The other night I was at @The Burrow (make sure you tag their FB page or check in) after my awesome KaHuna massage with @Kahuna Massage with Jess Dawson (tag her too). Here’s my yummy trio of dips – sorry if it makes you hungry! It was delicious.


CUTE PET: This is Max. He’s my assistant. This is pretty much all he does most days, until we go for our walks. I brought this big european pillow in for him to lay on, and he did for a while but now he’s decided that laying BETWEEN the pillow and the bean bag is the way to go. #furbaby


CUTE KIDS: If you don’t really want your kids on FB, that’s cool. I respect that. It doesn’t mean you can’t do this:
Can you tell there’s twins in the house?!?! 😀

This is my face right after a massage. I had to take a few photos to find one I was happy with. You know that post-massage-face? I felt like a space cadet! It was amazing.