Ladies, ladies, ladies. I have a very interesting topic to talk about with you today!

In a recent 1:1 session with a client (she knows who she is) we started discussing batching her FB content. We talked about recording videos and writing posts, and she mentioned that she likes to work with her flow. Yes, her lady flow.

I was gifted a book called ‘The Optimized Woman‘ at Christmas time (from the divine Ricci-Jane Adams) after asking for a quick reference guide to the different phases of my cycle in a Facebook group. I read most of it whilst we were in Bali, and I’ve added the phases to my diary so I can become more aware of my own phases and how I feel.

So naturally, I was thrilled when this client brought it up, after reading that book! We began to look at how to batch her content by making use of her cycle. Now, the great thing about this client is that she already knows her cycle and herself quite well. This meant that she knew what time of the month was the right time to batch her content. She knew exactly when she has energy, enthusiasm and motivation to get shit done. So what we we did is we worked out a plan of what she’d create each cycle, so that she can roll that content out over the remaining 3 weeks of her cycle. But not all women are that intimate with their cycle, I get that. I wasn’t until recently, and I am still (very much) learning. But if you’re curious about how this could work for you, here’s my beginner’s guide… 

The four phases (according to Miranda Gray’s book)

  1. Menstrual (reflective phase)
  2. Pre-ovulation (dynamic phase)
  3. Ovulation (expressive phase)
  4. Pre-menstruation (creative phase)

Now to understand the terms used in the ‘phases’ I recommend you read the book because they may not mean what you expect them to mean. There’s quite a lot of detail and context around each of these terms outlined in the book. Next, let’s how to work out when is the best time to BATCH your Facebook content (or any other content for that matter). 

How to batch with your cycle

  1. Grab your diary
  2. Work out when your last period was
  3. Flag it in that week, and then work out when your next one is due and flag it in your diary. (I write the ‘reflective phase’ in my diary – it’s a little more subtle than ‘period week’!)
  4. Flag each subsequent week accordingly – dynamic, expressive, creative
  5. Be aware of your energy, productivity levels and willingness to create during a cycle or 2
  6. Make a note of which phase of your cycle was the optimum time to create content (it will likely be either dynamic or expressive)
  7. Try it in that phase of your next cycle
  8. If you’re not sure and think it could be one of 2 phases, try the other one next cycle and compare
  9. Once you’ve worked it out, block time out in your diary accordingly for the rest of the year.
  10. In that blocked out time, you record any videos you need, write FB posts and schedule them onto your FB page. You might also like to spend some time planning the posts you’ll be posting into your favourite FB groups. Make the most of this time and the amazing changes in your capabilities as a woman!

Whilst I’m no expert on the subject (Stasha Washburn is, the The Period Coach), I think it’s important to remember that every woman is different, and your cycle is different to mine, and to the next woman and so on. So work out what’s best for YOU by using your cycle, and this article just as a guide.

When you’re in batching mode, you might like to use this to keep the inspiration flowing. My favourite part of this concept is that when you’re not feeling so enthusiastic or great, you’ve done the hard work already, so the pressure is OFF.

Happy batching!