Ooohhhh this is a juicy blog, I’m excited about this one!
For those of you who are looking to start outsourcing, congrats! It’s a big step and the more prepared you are – the better.
For those of you who are ready to get your shit together so that you can outsource in the future – well done you.
If you’ve already outsourced but you’re looking for a system or something better than what you’re using – this could be helpful for you too.
If you haven’t already started using some kind of project management tool, go ahead and get yourself an asana account. It’s free and it’s AWESOME.

>> This is what I do:

Step 1: Check my FB insights
Step 2: Write down the peak times (if you want to do 3 posts per day, write the top 3 times)
Step 3: Create a board in asana (call it something like FB content)
Step 4: Map out the times in your board like this
Step 5: Allocate the tasks to either yourself or your VA (if you’re not outsourcing yet, assign all the tasks to yourself, and as you get it done, tick the tasks off and then when you’re ready to outsource you will have everything ready to go!)
Step 6: Add due dates and set to recur weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly
Step 7: Off you go!

Good luck!


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