Sometimes, to be honest, I get sick of saying the same thing over and over. I feel like my Facebook posts are all about the same thing, my blogs are on the same thing, and I sometimes feel like I need to mix it up and try something new. I feel like I am on repeat.
Do you know the feeling?

Here’s one of my best gold nuggets for you…



Yep, that’s you being on message.

You’re meant to stand for something, be known for something. I love it when someone calls me the FB Queen, or say everything is content when I’m around (and even more so when I’m not). They know what I do. I don’t go and change my bloody title every month to something new, I don’t care if they don’t know what title I’ve given myself. I know I’ve succeeded in my messaging when people know what I do. You are not meant to change it up all the time. Sure, in the early stages you’re gonna feel like things are all over the shop, but the best piece of advice I can give you is to find one thing, stick to it, do it WELL, and when that’s bringing in the $$$, then you can add to your services. Market one thing as a time. Be relentless. Make sure that nobody is confused about what you do. I know you have LOADS of skills and you can offer SO MANY different things. I get it. I can write blogs, and help with LinkedIn and set up Mailchimp – but do you see me promoting those things? Nope. That’s for someone else who is a specialist to promote. The people that CHOOSE to write blogs, that CHOOSE to teach LinkedIn strategy, that CHOOSE to focus on email marketing. I know there’s so much you can offer. You are so amazing and you are so talented, but I beg you, PLEEEEEEASE – just pick ONE.

I see so many women get bored, or offer one thing once and then decide that they need to do something else because they failed. Or they fall into the BSO (bright shiny object) trap so they try something new all the time. It’s not good. I’ve done it, I’ve tried offering lots of different things. But I get the most success, the most income and the most clients when I am CONSISTENT.

Keep going. Be consistent.

If I didn’t keep going, if I wasn’t consistent, you wouldn’t be reading this.