Facebook pages.

It’s time to set the records straight. It seems that a lot of us are getting the names mixed up. There is NO SUCH THING as a personal Facebook page! We have Facebook pages, Facebook profiles, and Facebook groups. Please make an effort to learn the difference between the three.

Facebook PAGE
I want to make it nice and clear for everyone that a Facebook page is your BIZ PAGE. This is the page where you represent your business, and where you have page ‘likes’ not friends. You can share personal stuff on here if you’re a solopreneur, in fact – I encourage you to. It’s important that people see that you are the person behind your biz.

Facebook PROFILE
This is your personal account, where you have ‘friends.’ It is called a PROFILE, not your personal Facebook page. We need to start using the correct language so that we don’t confuse each other. This is NOT where you share your biz stuff. Why? It’s against FB’s terms and conditions and you risk getting your WHOLE account shut down. Not worth the risk. Instead, invite your friends to like your biz page, and they can follow your journey there.

Facebook GROUP
We need to be clear that a Facebook group is neither a page NOR a profile. A group has members. There’s 3 types of groups, secret, closed and public. Most of you will have spent time hanging out in closed FB groups for entrepreneurs, like mine. You do not NEED a group just because you run a business. You do however, need a FB biz page, and you set that up using your personal profile.

Groups can be curated by a personal profile, AND linked to a page, just to make things tricky.

So let’s all get on the same page…. or is it a profile? Please make an effort to learn the difference between the three.
Here is my FACEBOOK PAGE and FACEBOOK GROUP, just in case you needed a quick reference. My PROFILE is private and kept for family and friends. 



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