Yesterday I made a huge decision.

Well, actually I don’t feel like I made the decision – I feel like the decision was made and I could either surrender to it, or fight it. I chose to surrender. Surrender to the divine.

I chose not to fight.

The decision to close down my Facebook marketing membership landed at 3:30pm yesterday. I had a live workshop to run with that group at 4pm. 😂

I had a big cry, let the feelings flood my body and jumped on the online workshop at 4pm.

I told them, and they were not surprised. They knew it was coming. They were curious about what was next.

So it will run until June, and then I’ll wrap it up.

It needs to make way for a new offering, a soul calling to be birthed into this world.

I’ve got much deeper work to do than Facebook marketing.

I am here to work with women who are ready to free themselves from the shackles of fear. 

I’m really good at getting to the point with my coaching and intuition. No fluff, direct and fierce when needed. Coined a “Kapow session” by the beautiful Anna Mason, I am great at short and sharp guidance, support, compassion or a kick in the butt if needed so that you get out of your own fucking way.

The divine masculine energy within me is something I’ve accepted and have come to love. I harness it to guide women to the truth. I’m not here to dance around fears and waste time. I’m here to shake things up for those who have had enough of their fears getting in their way.

If you’re ready to rise, to inspire and to shine – watch this space. I am birthing a movement and some kind of membership is on its way – it’s being birthed through me as we speak. 🙏🏻✨


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