Intuitive Business Mastermind

This is an energetic container for womxn with online businesses to grow and expand into more growth, more energetic alignment, more clients, more income and more success.

This mastermind is invite only, for womxn only. The Accelerate Your Online Business 2hr Private Mentoring Intensive session is a pre-requisite to joining this mastermind. 

Who is this for?

This mastermind is for you if you are a spiritual womxn who runs their own businesses. You already know that being energetically aligned with your goals and intentions is essential, but it's a bit hit and miss. You know that you are intuitive and you are comfortable with meditation. You always seem to be adding more books to your wishlist!

You enjoy the company of others but also really appreciate time to yourself. You are are both curious and nervous about harnessing our full potential. You love it when you meet someone and they're on your wavelength.

Your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health is important to you and you're not a stranger to personal development. You know that this is a journey not a destination but sometimes wish you could arrive at the destination a little faster! You sometimes procrastinate instead of doing the things that will propel your biz forward. You procrasti-bake, procrasti-clean and sometimes you procrasti-eat.

This mastermind is for you if you're prepared to go beyond the limits of your comfort zone and see what's possible if you're more focused, held accountable (by me) and have time carved out to work on things that will actually grow your biz, instead of faffing around the edges and not really making any progress. 

About Chenae

I'm Chenae, and I am here to intuitively mentor online biz womxn beyond the limits of their comfort zones. I'll support you to grow your biz in a way that specifically suits you, your biz, and your spiritual evolution.

I am big on accountability and that’s what this mastermind is all about. Keeping you on track to grow your biz, your clients, your income. I know what’s possible when you have lots of hands on support.

Here’s the vision I hold for this biz mastermind and the womxn who will join me:

Not feeling alone.
No more feeling unproductive.
Not feeling frustrated with themselves.
Not feeling like they’re wasting time.
Not feeling like it’s so hard.
Not feeling lost.
No more feeling unclear.
No more self sabotage.
No more procrastinating.

I am not afraid to be honest with you, upfront with you and direct with you.

Monthly Inclusions

Hot Seat 

  • Personalised energy evaluation done live, plus 1:1 private mentoring (me and you) total 30mins, $125AUD value

Set Your Intention

  • Group session held at the start of the month to reflect on your achievements from the previous month, acknowledge and celebrate your wins, set your intention for the new month
  • Goal setting to grow your business and energetic alignment to your goals and intentions, total 90mins $375AUD value

Get-shit-done (also known as co-working)

  • Accountability and productivity sessions include micro planning, energetic reset plus two 25min co-working sessions, total 90mins $375AUD value
  • Regular content creation sessions 

Energy Clearing

  • Group meditations, practices and visualisations to clear your energy and sabotaging beliefs, and bust through upper limits for 60mins $250AUD value
It's time to

Accelerate Your Online Business

6 month minimum commitment. Memberships are $79AUD/week or $330/month. 

Accelerate Your Online Business Intensive
(2hr Private Intuitive Business Mentoring)