Accelerate Your Online Business Mastermind

This is safe space for womxn with online businesses to grow and expand into their success.

This mastermind is invite only, for womxn only. The Accelerate Your Online Business 2hr Private Mentoring Intensive session is a pre-requisite to joining this mastermind. 

Who are we?

We are spiritual womxn.
We are intuitive.
We're comfortable with meditation.
We are constantly adding more books to our wishlist. 
We follow spiritual and intuitive people online.
We like to try new things.
We’re on Facebook most days. 
We run our own businesses.
We are both curious and nervous about harnessing our full potential.
We thrive in a community of like minded women who understand self employment. 
We love that we don’t need to explain online biz to each other - we get it.
We appreciate having a safe space to explore our fears. 
We relish in knowing that we’re not alone.
We sometimes find ourselves not being fully true to ourselves. 
We're guilty of making decisions based on what people might think. 
We are sometimes afraid of getting stuff wrong.
We're familiar with not feeling good enough.
We know that our fear can hold us back...

But we're willing to meet it.

About Chenae

I'm Chenae, and I’m here to tell you that you are so awesome. To remind you that you are amazing, even when you feel shitty. You can lean on me and share your deepest fears. None of your fears are terrifying enough to scare me away. None. I am here to serve you. To serve your highest good, and support your soul’s awakening. I will not turn my back on you. I will stand beside you. Guide you. Support you. Hold you. I am also unafraid to say the things that some people are afraid to say. I am not afraid to be honest with you, upfront with you and direct with you. If you need your butt kicked, and a shove in the right direction, I know when to press firmly, and when to be gentle. I am fiercely committed to you, and if that means that I have to deliver tough love - I will. I am not interested in mediocrity, for me or for you.

Courage is pretty important to me, it kinda feels like it courses through my veins. It doesn’t mean that I don’t feel fear, it means that I don’t let fear stop me. I’m unafraid to meet my fear, trust my intuition and take big leaps of faith. You can believe me when I say that I'll jump first. 

I also firmly believe that I don’t possess any special gifts. Certainly none that you don't already have within yourself. I am not gifted, I am intuitive. And so are you. I continue to work on my intuition every day and will guide you to do the same.

Monthly Inclusions

Hot Seat 

  • Personalised energy evaluation done live
  • 1:1 private mentoring (me and you) 
  • 30mins, $125AUD value

Set Your Intention

  • Group session held at the start of the month
  • Reflect on your achievements from the previous month
  • Acknowledge and celebrate our wins 
  • Set your intention for the new month
  • Goal setting to grow your businesses
  • Energetic alignment to your intention 
  • 90mins, $375AUD value

Get-shit-done (also known as co-working)

  • Accountability and productivity
  • Two 25min co-working sessions live
  • 90mins, $375AUD value

Energy Clearing

  • The whole group comes together for meditations, practices or visualisations to clear your energy and sabotaging beliefs, and bust through upper limits
  • 60mins, $250AUD value
It's time to

Accelerate Your Online Business

6 month minimum commitment. Memberships are $79AUD/week.

Accelerate Your Online Business Intensive
(2hr Private Intuitive Business Mentoring)