It was January 15, 2019 and I had NO IDEA that getting a logo designed would have such a profound impact on my life. Settle in with a cuppa, cause I’m gonna share how it unfolded… 

A fellow Third Level graduate and priestess sister of mine Kristy Jamieson had shared a special offer in the I am Spiritually Fierce Facebook group. Kristy’s offer was $100 off a new logo suite, and within mere moments I was sold. I wasn’t even looking for new branding, but it was a full-bodied clairsentient YES. 

We booked a time to chat, to make sure I was clear, and to be sure that what she was offering was what I was after. I already knew it was a yes, I could feel it with every cell in my body, but my mind wanted to ask a few questions to be sure.  

We began with an Intuitive Intelligence Method Session, the powerful 75min process that I myself, am trained in. I even asked Kristy if I needed to do this part (the cheap part of me wanted to save some money) and she stood her ground and remained strong to her intuitive design package. So we began, and on Feb 4th I had my method session with Kristy. It was amazing. As the package unfolded, I found myself saying that I was already a TOTALLY satisfied customer quite early in the process. Here’s a post about the process behind the scenes when we first began. 

The weeks rolled by and I continued to love more and more of the process, but what I didn’t expect was the unpacking of my divine feminine and divine masculine that happened. You see, before we began the design process, Kristy had me fill in a pre-design workbook asking me some incredible questions. Here’s a snippet of what I wrote: 

There’s much more to the workbook but I want to protect Kristy’s design process. The most important part about this page for the purposes of this blog is the reference to deeply feminine with a balanced masculine energy. Throughout this process I’ve had some huge realisations. The first one was that for so long, I thought my assertive, strong and powerful masculine energy was wrong. Flat out wrong. I thought I wasn’t meant to be like that and so for years I believed that there was something wrong with me.

So much consideration went into the lotus flower that is now my logo. In particular, the way that this symbolic meaning came together. The feminine part of the logo had very few tweaks.

It was done. Ready. But I edited and edited and edited the masculine part. It reflected the inner journey I was going on regarding my masculine energy. 

The masculine

In realising the terrible beliefs I’d held for so long, it became pretty apparently that they needed to change. I began considering masculine energy in a different light. I came to realise quite quickly that my masculine energy is something to love. It’s what propelled me through redundancy and ensured my business became a success. It’s what motivates me, what drives me, what keeps me going and it is a constant source of inspiration for myself, but also for others. I am solid. It is a beautiful strength of mine, an unwavering that allows others to lean upon me knowing that I will not falter. Others know that I can be relied upon. I can handle standing beside you as you share the weight of your burdens. I won’t take it on, but I will stand beside you. This energy also means that I am unafraid for you, I am not afraid of any of the fears that terrify you. Many women/clients seek me out for my masculine energy and this is something I can now say that I love about myself. 

The feminine

The next part of this story is still unfolding, literally as I write this. I had a heavy heart and tears in my eyes as I drove home from my beautiful and dear friend Kim’s house a couple of weeks back. I was listening to You Are A Goddess by Sophie Bashford on Audible, and I remember distinctly turning around the corner of Collins Rd and in that moment I realised that I believed that my divine feminine was broken. Fucking BROKEN. I had made peace with the masculine, found acceptance and had fallen in love with this part of me, only for the next layer to reveal itself. Then came a scary abnormal papsmear result. I can see that this is very clearly an invitation to work on my divine feminine. So that’s where I’m at right now. Watch this space. 

So much love to you xx


The Facebook group I mentioned at the start is run by my mentor and dear friend Ricci-Jane Adams and the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence.

You’ll find it here: