Make sure that making money is a priority!

For my clients in the early stages of their businesses, we work towards them moving away from using their personal finances to fund their biz expenses ASAP. Being discerning with your biz expenses is essential. There are certain things that we often enjoy spending money on, but really shouldn’t be doing from the outset. Too often I see people priorities random purchases that are NOT essential to making sales. Like branding, websites, and photo shoots.

If it’s not essential to running your business right here, right now, don’t purchase it.

You don’t need a website right now. Things will change and evolve as you start making sales, so don’t create a website based on theory. Just get some booking software, a way for people to pay you. You don’t need professional photos. Grab a friend who knows how to work the camera on a smartphone and get some nice headshots taken to begin with. You don’t need a professional brand. Pick 2 fonts, no more than 3 colours, and stick to them. This got me through for YEARS. Maybe buy a course to teach you the basics of Canva or get some templates made so your images don’t look DIY, but you don’t need professional branding to begin. Make sales, THEN invest and upgrade. Read my blog on branding here.

Something like Acuity, a booking platform that allows people to schedule their own appointments/sessions, is a reasonable investment for service-based businesses in the beginning. You can automate a LOT with Acuity. Confirmation emails, intake forms, reminders, client agreements. This is a practical expense. A cost of doing business. Less than $20/mth.

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. Many people think they need a website to begin. If you are unsure, then perhaps it’s time to educate yourself. There are lots of free resources out there, and when you’re ready for it – get yourself a mentor to accelerate the learning process. Maybe that’s me. Book an interview here.