Do you put new things (services/offers) out often? Perhaps you go live as soon as an idea lands. Or maybe every week you’re promoting something new. Maybe you write things like ‘I’m thinking about running a blahblah.’ If you’re doing any of these, I want you to pause for a moment (maybe take a breath) and consider these 9 things:

1. If you’re putting it out there as soon as it lands, have you really thought about how strategic it is? 
2. Is it just a way to get a few quick dollars? 
3. How do you then funnel those people into the next step in your client journey (your funnel)? 
4. Do you even have a funnel? Do you care? 
5. What message do you think it sends out when you have new offers every five minutes?
6. Does your audience actually know what you do? 
7. Does chopping and changing help your audience to deeply trust in your work? 
8. Are you serious about your business or are you happy to just share every idea that comes to you?
9. Do you care about strategy, or do you think winging it will do? 

Let me tell you, the amount of restraint I have to personally exercise to not put EVERY SINGLE IDEA I have out into the world is huge. I could do newsletter writing accountability sessions, I could host content creation days, create Canva templates for social media, do zoom sessions to identify the dominant fear holding your biz back.

I could add backing music to meditations or teach you how to do your first reel on insta. I could write blogs for you, create Mailchimp templates, or map out your ideal client. 

But I don’t. Because I do my best to be strategic. Once you’re a client of mine, you get access to ALLLL of the skills I have. But I don’t LEAD with all of my skills. I have 2 offers on my website and I’m the busiest, I’ve ever been. I’m booked out until June. Yes, JUNE. It’s March 3rd.

Here’s how you can work with me.