How are you sabotaging your own biz?

Perhaps you’re wasting hours in Canva.

Or maybe you’re not sending invoices.

You might be busy doing ALL THE THINGS, except following up with that potential client.

Maybe you’re not telling anyone about your work and being the world’s best-kept secret.

Or you keep saying ‘I just need to blah blah’ but you don’t ever actually do anything to change it.

Maybe you’ve allowed comparisonitis to stop you in your tracks.

Whatever the ingredients for your own unique special sabotage secret sauce – KNOW THEM.

I know I’m sabotaging myself when I put things off that I know I can actually do, but I just pretend that it’s too hard. Or I’m doing shit my VA team should be doing.

The antidote is simple but requires discipline and a willingness to get uncomfortable. To meet our fears, to get over our addiction littleness, and pursue our own unlimited greatness.


  1. Be honest with yourself
  2. Know your sabotages
  3. Make dissolving them a priority