Activate Your Intuitive Intelligence

a 10 week online course

with Chenae Carey

Want to activate your intuition?


If so, you're in the right place. 

This is a 10 week online course where you will learn how to activate your intuitive intelligence, apply the science of intuition to your daily life and master the governing laws of the Universe.

Intuitive Intelligence is simply the most revolutionary form of intuition development available.

Activate your intuitive intelligence by breaking through the subconscious fear that’s currently blocking your intuition. Master the 3 immutable laws that govern our lives, and yet are largely unknown to the world, to increase your intuition.

Explore the leading edge science of intuition, and the role of the anatomical heart as our most powerful intelligence. Engage daily practices to turn intuition into intuitive intelligence.

Command your intuition into consistent action, knowing that there is never a moment when you are not living your intuitive knowing. Become Spiritually Fierce, fearless and unlimited.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: The kinds of intuition 
Lesson 2: The science of intuitive intelligence
Lesson 3: Q&A
Lesson 4: The Law of Mentalism
Lesson 5: The Law of Correspondence
Lesson 6: The Law of Vibration
Lesson 7: Energetic Protection
Lesson 8: Increasing spiritual sight
Lesson 9: Moving from a 3D to a 5D paradigm
Lesson 10: Q&A

Join at $250 / month x 3 months

Pay $699 upfront and save

“We must now retrain ourselves not to seek outside for a magic bullet that will bring us into our spiritual power. The power is within; we are the Infinite. There is nothing else we need. Intuition is the gateway to that power. The good news is that we can easily find our way home when we navigate using our intuition. We simply need to change the conversation about intuition. We should begin here, with this question:

Do I know that I am pure, unlimited consciousness?”

- Ricci-Jane Adams

Course Schedule

Week 1: Friday November 8th - 1pm AEST/2pm AEDT
Week 2: Friday November 15th - 1pm AEST/2pm AEDT
Week 3: Friday November 22nd - 1pm AEST/2pm AEDT

***1 week break***

Week 4: Friday December 6th - 1pm AEST/2pm AEDT
Week 5: Friday December 13th - 1pm AEST/2pm AEDT

***Christmas break***

Week 6: Friday January 10th - 1pm AEST/2pm AEDT
Week 7: Friday January 17th - 1pm AEST/2pm AEDT
Week 8: Friday January 24th - 1pm AEST/2pm AEDT

***1 week break***

Week 9: Friday February 7th - 1pm AEST/2pm AEDT
Week 10: Friday February 14th - 1pm AEST/2pm AEDT

Join at $250 / month x 3 months

Pay $699 upfront and save

Learning Outcomes


  • Learn the foundation and fundamentals of intuitive intelligence, transforming your knowledge into practical, life changing tools
  • Learn how to harness your intuition so that it truly becomes intuitive intelligence, accessible, reliable and designed for you guidance
  • Learn the divine nature of your intuition beyond the trinkets and superstitions of the new age, and how to create the experience of the life you most desire using your intuitive intelligence.

Join at $250 / month x 3 months

Pay $699 upfront and save

100% Money Back Guarantee

This program has been taught to hundreds of people all over the world by Dr Ricci-Jane Adams. This program shares with you the exact tools and processes she used to activate her intuitive intelligence and attain deep spiritual peace. Whilst I can’t guarantee the same result for you, I can guarantee that if you follow the program, show up and apply the practices you have everything you need to increase your intuition. That’s why I offer a complete money-back guarantee. If you purchase this program and realise that it is not right for you, I will refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked. Simply make contact via email within 15 days of purchasing, and one of my team members or I will be in touch to organise your refund.

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