So many people are freaked out about them, and understandably so. There’s so many things to look at, graphs galore and a whole bunch of information that doesn’t mean much unless you know what you’re looking at. No wonder people don’t look at them! Let me break it down for you, and give you the BASICS. What you NEED to know. The rest can wait. I promise I’ll keep it simple, short and sweet.

Step 1: Click ‘Insights’ on your page (make sure you are on a computer, not a phone or tablet, that shit is too hard)

Step 2: Click ‘posts’ on the menu on the left

Step 3: Whenever you see a peak on the graph, that is the time(s) you should be posting on your page. If you’re savvy about it, you’ll schedule your posts, and then have some other on-the-go posts go live at the other peak times. (you can still schedule them too)

My top tips:

  1. Use the blue graph to plan what times are generally good across the week.
  2. If you want to get specific for each day, you can hover your curser over the boxes above the graph and it’ll show you a line graph SPECIFIC to that day. 
  3. If you move your curser off the box, the line will disappear.
  4. If you scroll down, you’ll see a snapshot of how your posts are performing overall. The bigger the orange bar, the further the reach of that post.
  5. Do more of the post types that have higher reach.
  6. And lastly, remember to have FUN.

It’s bloody SOCIAL media after all, right?


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