The Initiate Program

An online initiation to activate your intuition.

Include self paced lessons plus 3 x 60min private
sessions online to deepen your knowledge and understanding.

Is this program for you?


If you'd like to learn how to activate your own intuition, then read on. This program is for people who would like to confidently receive their own intuitive guidance, who feel ready to learn how to command their intuition into consistent action. 

In this program, I will demonstrate how intuition works, why you are ALREADY intuitive and the science of intuition. Then we'll explore the 3 cosmic laws together to see what you need to do to activate your intuition and allow it to come to you easily. 

At the end of the program you will be receiving your own intuitive guidance, and I guarantee you will succeed with this. Those that have come before you have all succeeded.

What will you choose?


You can choose to stay in your head, avoiding the whispers of your heart (I did, for many years and it sucked). You can choose to switch off the innate biological intuition that is your birthright - many folks do. You can choose to not colour outside the lines, not rock the boat. You can choose to hide your spiritual self from others so they don't feel awkward. You can choose to remain comfortable.


You can choose to learn how to access the intuition that is trying to reach you in every moment. To learn how to discern the difference between your intuition and your fear, and trust your intuition more. To be curious and open, to activate your intuition, and turn up the volume.

Course Outline

Introduction to intuition 
The kinds of intuition 
The science of intuition
The Law of Mentalism
The Law of Correspondence
The Law of Vibration
Energetic Protection
Increasing spiritual sight
Receiving your own intuitive guidance

Payment Plan

Join at $250AUD / month x 3 months (exc GST)

Upfront Payment

Pay $695AUD upfront
and save (exc GST)

Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of the program, you will receive your own intuitive guidance LIVE
  • Learn the foundation and fundamentals of intuitive intelligence
  • Transform your knowledge into practical, life changing tools
  • Learn how to harness your intuition
  • Transform intuition to intuitive intelligence, accessible, 
  • Learn how to access intuition in any moment
  • Learn how to create the experience of the life you most desire using your intuitive intelligence