Are you feeling like the reach on your FB biz page sucks? I bet you’re sick of it. It’s understandable. I get it. So here’s eight tips and tricks on how to increase the reach of your posts. It’s a complex web, that ol’ FB algorithm, so use these strategies to help bump up the reach of your posts.

Numero uno: Tell peeps about your page
Post about your FB page in the FB groups you hang out in. Use some of the promo days to actually promote your biz page. And make sure when you do so, that you actually talk about WHO your page is for. There’s nothing compelling about ‘come and like my biz page!’ That doesn’t really entice me and probably won’t entice you either. Try something like, “If you’re a female solopreneur and you use FB as one of the key marketing strategies in your biz, I share regular FB marketing tips on my FB page. Come and like it, if this sounds like you. Here’s the link…”

Numero due: Select ‘see first’ 
Every now and then, invite your followers to click ‘see first.’ When someone likes your page, they also have the option to determine how they see your posts. You’ll find this under the ‘following’ button. You have 3 options – see first, default, and unfollow. Your post might say, “if you don’t want to miss my Facebook marketing tips, head to my page and click ‘see first’ under ‘following.’ Giving them instructions can sometimes help.

Numero tre: Make sure you have fun, social content 
Fun and social content usually gets better engagement. The more engagement, the better. The posts that perform well help out your future posts. Don’t leave the social part out of your social media.

Numero quattro: Have a posse
Every now and then (please don’t do this regularly) you can reach out to people who you know love and support you and your biz adventures and ask them to love a post of yours. Please be mindful and use this tip sparingly. Don’t ask people regularly, and try to ask different people.

Numero cinque: Run a competition to your list
If you have a mailing list, you can run a competition to them, which requires them to like, comment on or share a specific post, and perhaps even like your page to enter. Competitions directly on FB that are ‘like this post to win’ are against the FB terms and conditions, but if you communicate the comp via your mailing list, you’re all good.

Numero sei: Sharable content 
When other people share your posts, it gives the reach a big boost. So have a think about what content you could post on your page that will get shared. Posts that are entertaining are good, and posts that are of value work too. You can also include in the post, “share this post with your biz page or friends if you think that it could be useful for them” or something along those lines. Do this every now and then, NOT on every post.

Numero sette: Do more of what works
Have a look at your insights and see what posts have performed well in the past, and do more of them. To find out which posts performed well at a glance, jump on your computer (not your phone) and click ‘insights’ and then click ‘posts’ from the menu on the left, and then scroll down past the graph and you will see a summary of your posts, including reach. Click ‘see more’ to go further back. In the same vein, if it’s not working, look at WHY that could be.

Numero otto: Respond
When people comment on your posts, make sure you acknowledge their comment! If they ask a question, please make sure you respond. 

I hope these tips have helped! If you need some post ideas, grab a copy of this freebie I made for you. And if you’re feeling a little lost, I’ve got a monthly program that helps you plan out your FB content, and get it scheduled regularly. You get a weekly live call to do your scheduling, and a 90min monthly workshop! You’ll find details here. But if you’re not quite ready for that and you want to learn more about Facebook marketing for solopreneurs, then check out my other blogs.