Increase your intuition by consciously moving out of the busy beta brainwave state that we spend most of our waking moments in. You can do this with a practice called heart congruence.

The video is a fully guided version for you to follow along, and here’s a step by step for you:

1. Close your eyes
2. Take a deep breath in through the nose, fill your chest and belly and hold at the top of the inhale for a moment
3. Release out through the mouth with an audible sigh
4. Repeat that breath at least 2 more times, and with each exhale let go of all the effort required to bring you to this point in your day
5. Then allow your breath to return to a more natural rhythm, but slightly extended
6. Place the palm of your hand at the centre of your chest
7. Bring to mind a simple event, memory, person or place that you are deeply grateful for
8. Keep your mind focused on that which you are grateful for
9. Begin to FEEL the gratitude, let it grow and expand until you are bathed in gratitude
10. Do this for 3 mins, remaining focused **it’s important that you bring your mind back if it wanders off here
11. Take a deep breath and then return your hand to your lap
12. Gently blink open your eyes and continue about your day

Repeat often.

Here’s a guided version for you to try: