I get asked this a lot.

Everyone wants to know what the pros are saying about FB content and how many posts they should be doing each day or each week on their FB biz pages.

Let me be honest with you…

There’s no SINGLE correct answer. Here’s how to work out how many YOU should do:

Step 1: Work out how many you’d like to do 

Step 2: Work out how many you CAN do

Step 3: Go with the number in step 2


You see, if you are a solopreneur, it’s not about what the big business coached are suggesting you need to do. It’s not about what the latest trend suggests. It’s not about trying to break world records. You’ve got enough shit on your plate. If you CAN NOT find the time to do it, then don’t even try. It’s time for us to give up setting yourself a monstrous goal. Just work on what’s ACHIEVABLE for now. Then once you’re nailing it, then step it up.

If you’re in startup – start with 3-4 posts per week.
Then work your way towards daily posts.
Then work your way towards daily posts plus a few extras each week.
Then twice a day.
And then twice a day plus a few extras each week.

And you can probably stop there.

Right now, the algorithm isn’t really loving 4 posts per day, so if you’re finding that your posts aren’t getting any reach, reduce the number that you’re posting and let the recent changes to the algorithm settle. And make sure you have some fun and entertaining posts in the mix. Try things like ‘what’s your elf name?’ or ‘Using only a GIF, show us xyz’ or give people an opportunity to promote their stuff.

Just because posts aren’t performing as well, we don’t give up and throw in the towel. It just means we pivot. Reduce the number of posts you’re doing, and keep an eye on what performs well. Do more of the good stuff. We’re also coming into the silly season, and everyone is busy. You might even be taking time off. Doing fewer posts will help ease the burden and reduce any stress you might be feeling. I said FEWER, not none.